Payoff Advantage Tool

PAT, the Payoff Advantage Tool, instantly Identifies Financially Equivalent Alternative Payoffs and Options. PAT is a new, Physics-Based Technology that provides Greater Accuracy and New Trading Capabilities in Currency and Multi-Asset Markets.

The Benefits of PAT Technology

Instant identification of new true arbitrage opportunities or alternate financially equivalent payoffs. A screen for testing consistency in option pricing models. A unified framework for the management of an entire portfolio in a multi-currency (or multi-asset) market.

Potential Users of PAT Technology

Software Developers: PAT will help them verify the accuracy and spot problems with their existing Option Pricing/Risk Management software products.

Traders: PAT will enable them to find new, currently unseen arbitrage opportunities.

Risk Managers: PAT will help them to find alternative financial pathways which may also provide more cost-effective risk-management solutions.

Large Portfolio Managers: PAT will enable them to convert their large multi-currency or multi-asset portfolios into one single payoff in any one currency or asset.

PAT for Currency Markets
PAT for Energy and Multi-Asset Markets

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